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We are The Burg! was founded in 2006 by Rob Willard aka 'The Duke of Earl,' a 1993 graduate of Wheelersburg High School.  His passion as a supporter combined with his skills in IT helped deliver a new way for fans to interact with Pirate Football.  In 2011 Burgfan turned its focus to live coverage of the games.  Only a handful of the games were on the radio at the time, and many fans from outside the local area were eager to follow along with Pirate Football.  Burgfan delivered a show on the web like none before it.  People listened from all around, with the biggest games drawing thousands of listeners.  And now the show goes on...

More football information is available at

You can find the best photos on

Ruth Boll's Site.

For current standings & rankings visit

A shout out to all of you for the support!


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